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NABX 2010
March 30th - April 7th
North American Buggy eXpo
"information sourced from, NABX.net, Power Kite Forum, vlieger forum KiteCrowd and directly submitted data."
www.Power Kite Forum.com
For those that don't know or have never heard of the NABX (North American Buggy eXpo) it is a huge event held on the Ivanpah dry lake bed 40 miles outside Vegas USA, its around 35 square miles of hard dry flat mud, and the place where the buggy speed record was this year once again broken 133.40kmh / 82.89mph by Arjen van der Tol (Holland). It really is the Mecca for buggy speed attempts, although the surface is very abrasive, and pilot can shred a set of tyres under 2 hours.

Some history of NABX

Since 1994, kite buggiers, skaters and landboarders have gathered on Ivanpah Dry Lake Nevada for a week of kite-powered buggying and racing. The event was known as the Spring Break Buggy Blast (SBBB) and introduced formulated kite traction races to the American desert.

In 2004, a new organizing team changed the name to reflect the more international aspect of this event as well as to promote a more global culture and help foster a community of cooperation among kite buggiers from around the world. Now entitled the North American Buggy eXpo (NABX), this proud, environmentally conscious event plans to combine an abundance of fun while putting an emphasis on sharing knowledge, encouraging education, and supporting the kite traction movement.
How to get there

Located 45 minutes south of Las Vegas on US I-15 at the CA- NV border, the North American Buggy eXpo is actually held in two states. 35 Sq. mile Ivanpah Dry Lake is located just over the border from Primm, NV in sunny California. Roach Dry Lake (alternative site) is located in Primm as are the Primadonna Casino Resorts where most of the pilots stay.

Ivanpah is the largest dry lake in the region and is the central location for this event. It is part of a federal preserve and its use is restricted to wind powered vehicles.

Access onto Ivanpah Dry Lake is from the south-eastern corner of the resort/casino/outlet-mall property at Primm. A perimeter road circles the entire complex and a mini-mart/lotto store is on the southeastern side, just east of the freeway. The access road onto the lake bed is about 200 yds. past the mini-mart in the southeastern corner. Just before the sewage treatment plant.
Peter Lynn Products will be well represented with the following team riders:
Adrian Lavelle (UK)
Alison Summersfield (UK)
Arjen (AKA faster Arie) van der Tol (NL)
Jeroen (AKA Ozzy) Potters (NL)
Ricardo (Little Asian guy) Lui (Can)
And our local freestyle guru
Brian Holgate
North American Kite Buggy Expo= NABX Primm Nevada Ivanpah Dry Lake USA. David Sabilino the FREESTYLE kite Buggy Master ;)
Of course is not just the buggiers who get to use this Mecca of places, landboarders, land yachts, dirt surfers etc etc, and the fastest wind powered vehicles on the planet.
Racing across Ivanpah Dry Lake , Nevada
Slawek Krauze
A British man, Richard Jenkins, has broken the world land speed record on the wind powered vehicle Ecotricity Greenbird, reaching the amazing speed of 126.1 mph, becoming the fastest person and vehicle of any kind under sail.
Salvador Huino
Kite Boy 2008 photo
"As the mayor of Buggytown, please allow me to seriously invite wind worshipers of all stripes to join us in the desert for an absolutely incredible time.
Welcome Home!" Corey Jensen
Every year the NABX is growing and growing and this year is no exception

NABX contestants have been exploring the third dimension of buggying... JUMPING! This year's freestyle contest should push the limits of extreme kite buggying to the max!

Freestyle riders perform for a period of 15 minutes executing tricks such as 2-wheeling, no hands, no feet, high jumps, spins, riding forward, backward, sitting or standing. In this event, nearly anything goes!

Buggy Freestyle is judged by the audience who will be looking for control, variety of tricks, clean transitions, kite handling skills, and most of all, who can eat it the hardest and walk away pretending like it didn't hurt.
Racing and Endurance

The NABX centers around 3 core race events: Circuit, 50 Mile Enduro and Team Enduro races.
Circuit Race:

A 3 point sailing style race. All riders start at once heading toward the designated 1st marker. From there, they will either set a course upwind or downwind (depending on the course conditions) to marker 2. As they round the last marker, all riders return to the start/finish line and round the course again. Each race typically finishes after 3 laps. The combined results of all races determines the winner.
50 Mile Enduro:

Set on a rectangular course, the Enduro is a fast-paced long distance race that tests the limits of riders and their equipment. Riders lap the course at full speed for up to 50 miles or the 2.5 hour time limit. Blowouts, breakdowns and fatigue often reduce the field of competition to a handful of ardent contenders.
Team Enduro:

Based on a combination of the 50 Mile Enduro and a traditional relay race, the Team Enduro pits groups of 2 or more riders against one another in a long distance speed race. Teams may trade out tired riders for fresh ones in accord to their individual strategy. The first team to make 50 miles or the 2.5 hour time limit wins.
Buggy Tag

One of the new buggy games planned for future events is Tag. Each game will be played for a period of 20 minutes on a designated field.

Tag is played the opposite of how we played it as kids. Now that we're big kids, we do it by trying to become "it"! The group chases whomever is "it" until someone tags him. Tags must be made to the body, not the buggy. Whomever is still "it" at the end of the game will win a prize.

We'll have as many games as we have prizes. If you've never played Tag before, you're going to love it! This is the best skill building buggy game ever. More rules will be explained at the event.
Landboard Freestyle

NABX attracts pro riders from all over the world pushing the limits of Kite ATB. Jumps, spins, grabs, handle passes and airborne kite loops are signature moves in this extreme kite sport. We expect to see these plus wild new maneuvers at each year's event.

Kite ATB Freestyle is judged by the audience who will be looking for variety of tricks, kite control and the ability to land tricks while under power and ride away with speed.
The NABX.net Gallery
This year after the buggy speed record was broken last year by Arjen, things are hotting up, thing are now getting serious...the 2010 event there will be a few teams gunning for the record.   From Holland, New Zealand, headed by Steve Gurney, who recently crossed the Sahara with his team via a kite buggy wind powered. England and I am sure many others. Aerodynamics are now coming into play....2010 is going to be an exciting year for the NABX, already at the pre event the British Flexi team have broken the 100kmh barrier 62.8, 63.1 and 63.2mph Ginge with the top speed followed by Stupid Dave and Mark Everett, and thats before the event even starts, superb effort in a Flexi Buggy
You can follow the British Flexi Team Here
Follow RICARDO - KC88   NABX 2010 Blog
Team UK out for Speed, Aids and Ali riding Apexx and flying Vapors
Team New Zealand Here
The Dutch team headed by Ozzy and Ruudje   World Record Holders
Stephan's 118kmh World No2
Arjen's 133.40kmh World Record

NABX Aerial shots from craig sparkes on Vimeo.

Sourced from the Flexi Team Blog

Saturday 27th March

As the wind was dropping we all went out on 8.5’s and Blake once again went up in his para-motor but this time with my GoPro to do some filming! The sunset was surreal, was just great and so peaceful. In the middle of no where in California bugging around a dry lake with mates!
The Crab Buggy at the NABX 2010, All about it here...
Kite Boy 2008's Nabx 2010 Slide Show
On the spot weather and wind forecasts
If you can make it to NABX 2011, I am positive you will receive the warmest of welcome from our American friends, it has been on my "must do" list for the last couple of years....the MECCA....The Best
On the spot reporter Ricardo aka Ripsessionkites

One bad ass party!!! The winds were fun driving late in the day. We all managed to obtain 80+ km/h today using 2.3 / 2.7 / 3.2m Vapors. They are super fast kites that deliver some great speeds even in the smaller sizes. Im looking forward to the Vapor II series and also having my new custom Vapors in red ready to go.

So far its been a great trip with the whole de dutch crew: Ozzy, Ruudje, Arie, Michel, Marijn and Stephan. Stephan is one funny guy with all the stuff he does, he’s like a party all by himself. =)

If you ever get a chance to talk to Michel, he is a wealth of knowledge about kites. Also have him tune your Reactor IIs and/or Vapors. All though there isn't much, perfect straight ouf the box, but some like the kites to act a certain way

I tried to make my way to the Out and Back trek twice, and every time I went for the trek I blew out a tire. I’ve now given up on trying to get there for the patch, so it will have to wait until next year.

This trip has been great so far, and we still have one more day left until we pack and send some of the gear back to Holland and Canada.

I cant wait until my next event, and also I need to get some major practice in for World Cup.

My new XXtreme ApeXX is driving well with the different degree down tube, and Im blowing less tires ever. Those Veinstein tires from last year are great, they were used last year for the whole week, and just starting to show some wear now.

I have yet to try the Phanny II, however I hear its now with Peter Lynn (himself) to use so that will have to wait AGAIN.

This week is going by so fast now, Im going to miss this place. I need to get some more driving in so it will last until next year.

The party was great as well, and lots of good food and free beer. Kitebuggy Mama for doing some of the cooking and the great NABX Crew for getting this all together.

Thank you Peter Lynn Products / Vliegerop for sponsoring me this season.

Finally a small break from the huge winds for the past few days. It was good to have winds what are a little more manageable and just cruising around the dry lake from one side to the other without needs to hit 100+ km/h  every time.

With the super light winds in the morning, we got to crack open the 11.2m and the 16.1m. Just awesome light wind engines, that 16.1m Vapor flies in next to nothing Static, and when you add in about 3km of wind steady you’d be flying and generating its own wind. Its pretty amazing that a kite that huge doesn't just lift you off the ground. I’m tiny compared to must riders and I had no trouble with the 16.1m and its just got so limited lift its safe.

I’m pretty sure that the beginners and new riders also wanted a day to get their feet dusty too. At about 400pm the wind just came on like a light switch and everyone was out just riding and having fun like the good old days. Most of us were using 4 / 5m Vapors and screaming from one side to the next.

In the morning as we all waited for wind, I got to run around to different camps and chit chat and meet up with old friends I don’t get to see often or only once a year.

At night was the HQ Party and it was a blast with all the free beer.

I’ve determined now that the 24 HR solo is impossible to have it done here. You can see farther than two feet in front of you just walking, trying to buggy in the dark would be worse and going after a record too. Now I must travel to Romo or Fano this year just to set another record. At least my teammate Fastest Arie will be there and we can run it together, however my money is one him.

Tomorrow brings the same winds, so the Phantom II will be coming out of the bag for some testing. My news will be slower on the Phanny II because I’ll be at the Peter Lynn Party drinking like a fish. I will try to get up photos and video asap on this one, and write a review as many are dying to see it in action.

Fastest Arie drove Peter Lynn’s Speed Buggy and went 115 km/h with it and its only been this fast since I’ve seen it in action. Guess that it truly does come down to pilot skill and also take all that extra rear weight of the buggy too. Funny how after Arie doing the speed run, he got back into a production XXtreme ApeXX and hit 116 km/h


133.40kmh / 82.89mph verified
Arjen van der Tol (Holland))
2.7m Vapor, Apexx Buggy with Haans Wheels

"Fastest Arie, broke his old record and now at 133.4 km/h using a Peter Lynn Vapor 2.7m

Ozzy went out with the Vapor 2.3m and destroyed the bridles so you can imagine the wind speeds that was happening.

Funny thing is that all this was done in the morning before breakfast. I missed this one because I choose to sleep first.

Good news for me too in records!!! Kitebuggy Mama (Maria) and I did the “one pilot, one passenger, one kite” speed record. We got a new speed of 86 km/h!!!!

First run was a test and we set off to the attempt the speed, and Maria was holding the GPS and yelling out speed numbers to me, at which point the digits were climbing. She says 73, 75, 82 and than yells out go faster. I cant believe the set of balls Maria has to hold onto the back of the buggy with no seat, no seat belt and just her helmet. We were using a Vapor 2.3m on 15m lines.


Ken Martin's NABX Tribute Tattoo
Photo by Dean Jordan
Sunset at Ivanpah 2010 By Chip Brown

NABX 2010 - The Hangovers from Ripsession Kites on Vimeo.

NABX 2010 The Movie, by Xxtreme from xxtremeozzy on Vimeo.